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Sexism and the Bible

To love someone as Christ loves the church is to treat them with respect and consideration, not being harsh or rude. It also means being willing to give one’s life up for that other person. While that may not mean literally, the emphasis is on sacrificial love. Men who use Ephesians 5:22 to control women either conveniently have only read that one verse, or don’t care enough to abide by the parameters that Paul laid out for good husbands.


Sex and Relationships

I needed two minutes to find stats that show states that have either no sex education or abstinence-only education have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the U.S.

The Unfair Debate

   When I was in high school, I dated an atheist. We had dozens of arguments about religion and Christianity and looking back, I’ve realized two things. First, that I was always on defense, and second, that his distrust of Christianity was caused by…