Sex and Relationships

I’m going to be honest, abstinence-only education doesn’t work.  It doesn’t. Wherever you fall on the political and religious spectrum, take some time and do some research. Go look up which states have abstinence-only education, and which states have the highest teen pregnancy rates. I needed two minutes to find stats that show states that have either no sex education or abstinence-only education have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the U.S.

We need to educate young people. The average age that young people are losing their virginity is 17 years old, and I can guarantee there are kids much younger than that having sex. Teaching them about sex isn’t putting any new ideas into their heads. Most kids are learning about sex and pornography at a young age, especially with the internet being so accessible.

Sex education shouldn’t just be about what sex is and how to be safe, although those are very important. It should also cover consent, what sexual assault looks like, and what to do if you’ve been sexually assaulted. Conversations about sex should be happening much sooner. I remember having the main sex-ed talk in grade 10. We learned about different types of contraception, and a LOT about STD’s. I knew a heck of a lot about oral herpes after that section. But honestly, it wasn’t that helpful. I thankfully have an amazing mom who talked about sex with me when I was a lot younger, and that’s where my knowledge came from. She made sure that I was informed before I heard about from friends or movies.

Now, to the Christians who might be mad at me, I’m not excusing sex before marriage. I can just speak from experience when I say that schools in the U.S and Canada need to do a better job of teaching kids about sex. However, it’s not their place to talk about morals.  Yup, I said it. We live in a very secular society, even if the basis of our government was Christian (I could dedicate a whole other post about that, so I’ll spare you.) With such a mixture of different beliefs systems, schools can’t say, “Here’s why you shouldn’t have sex.” That conversation is up to parents and pastors.  But, make sure you’re informed, know your Bible, watch sermons, make sure you know why you believe having sex before marriage is wrong. If your argument is either because it’s in the Bible, or because I said so, your kids aren’t going to listen. Make sure you can explain it calmly and with wisdom.

There’s an amazing series I just finished watching. It’s all about relationships, and Pastor Mike does a fantastic job explaining why sex should only be in the context of marriage.


Please leave a comment or a question for me, I would love to hear where you stand on this.



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