Who Do You Serve?

Everyone has something that controls them. Now you may be thinking, “Well, not me. I make my own decisions and chose my own path!” However, if you take a closer look at your life, you’ll start to see what I’m talking about. You can be controlled by your job, or a lack of money and security. It could be relationships, either platonic or romantic. Wanting to be loved and accepted by people. It could be clothing, or technology, or travel. It could be anything, even religion. None of these things are bad, wanting to have friends and be well-off, looking good or experiencing the world. But when we put our focus on one of those things, when pursuing it becomes your life, that’s when it becomes dangerous. Something that is talked about a ton in Christianity is the idea of idolatry.

Most people think that idols are only the physical cravings or images of gods, but it’s far more evolved than that. They take other forms nowadays. Modern-day idols are coping mechanisms. How you cope with stress, anxiety, financial struggles, anything can be an idol. Everything I mentioned before can be idols in people’s lives. And guess what, religion can be an idol too, especially in Christianity.  There are many people who are more focused on things like communion, confession, baptism, even reading the Bible, than actually having a relationship with God. They start worshipping the religion aspect, and it’s really easy to tell based on how they act during the week.

I want to challenge everyone to take a look at what their idol (or idols) are. I have some too that I’ve been working on, and asking God for help is the best way to evaluate and figure out exactly what’s going on in your heart. So, who do you serve?



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