Back To School

I start school again on the 10th and I’m very excited. I’ve missed being in a Christian community like this, and I can’t wait to get started. We had orientation for two days, and I just want to be in class already. It was great getting to know the people I’ll be going to school with, and since it’s a very small college, I’ll probably get to know everyone by the end of the semester. Orientation was just full of classes on how to do things I already knew how to do, like reading a syllabus, or where to buy books. I’ve already done two years at another college, so it was a little bit of a waste of time for me.


My brother and I have very different feelings about classes starting. He just wants to get to know everyone and hang out, so classes starting is a bummer for him. I want to get to know people as well, but I’m so excited to start learning again. I’ve never been a good student, but I’ve always loved learning new things. I used to pick random topics and research the crap out of them. I still do, when I have time.


I think most of my excitement is because God told me to go to bible college almost a year ago, and I’m finally starting. I’m not good at waiting, and I’m really not good with surprises, so knowing that I need to go, but not knowing why or what He’s got planned for afterward is really hard for me. I’m still working on trusting God.


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