God Is Good

So, I’m back from the mission’s trip, and I slept for 14 hours last night. I saw God working not only in mine and my team’s lives, but the lives of people around us. I saw healings happen right in front of me, and even experienced one. Story time:

So I have weak ankles. I’ve rolled both probably dozen times as a kid, and badly sprained my left ankle twice, the second time being this past May. I know how to handle a sprain. I nearly rolled my left ankle again a few times on the trip, but luckly I made it through without reinjuring it. On our second last night, I sprained my right ankle. We were going horseback riding the next morning, then travelling home that night. Both of those would be uncomfortable and quite painful with a sprained ankle, but my main concern was trying to hold it together for the team. I got inside and put my foot up as soon as I could, and started icing it. I could not find a position that was not painful for my ankle, didnt matter what angle it was at, which side it was on, nothing helped. It would be fine for a couple seconds, then it would start throbbing.

My team decided to pray for healing. Now, I had seen healings happen already on this trip, but I’ve never experienced one. While I was hopeful, I didn’t think it would actually happen. When my team finished praying, I tested it out. I just sat on the couch and tried moving it around. It was stiff, but no pain. I stood up, no pain. I even danced with no pain. I was so shocked and honestly still am, because I never thought I would even be healed in that way.

This is three days ago, and here’s the thing. It still got swollen. But I know how my body reacts to sprains, it should be a whole lot of lovely bruise colors. I bruise super easily. And I shouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably or walk around and stand on it for lenghty amounts of times without it bothering me. But it hasn’t. It went from causing me a lot of pain, to just being a little comfortable when I try to sit cross legged. I was able to walk around uneven ground, go horseback riding, stand around in airports, and sit on a plane for 11 hours without my ankle being an issue.

Some people might not believe me. I get it. I just wanted to share my story because good news is meant to be shared. While it wasn’t a complete and total healing, I do truly believe God worked in my life. I saw him work in the lives of the people we were serving, and in the lives of my teammates. I’ve been praying for years to see something so impossible, it would have to be God. I just never thought that I would happen in my life.


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